Life on a Mountain Top




Robert Singleton is a West Virginian by choice . . . he carefully chose a remote mountain top where he sought the richness of:

PRIVACY, no interruptions, devoid of all man made distractions.
TIME, to work, to be introspective.
SPACE, to breathe freely and search for answers.

In 1978 as a nationally recognized artist and teacher, Robert consciously sought the above.  In order to realize a dream . . . to find an unspoiled natural environment, design and build a home and studio in order to focus exclusively on his creative endeavors.

However, in 1986 and since that date this work became secondary as Robert’s application to life shifted. He was honored to have served for ten years as a member of the board of directors of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Center.  Dr. Ross, was a close friend . . . she is an internationally recognized author and researcher. This friendship developed after attending her "Life, Death and Transition" workshop. These workshops provide training and counseling for working with death and dying.  This experience gave Robert the background for the mission he would soon find himself on, being a compassionate caregiver. In the ensuing years he became the primary caregiver for many of his lifelong friends, through thick and thin, until their death.

In Robert Singleton‘s words . . .  

Recently I was in the process of updating my résumé when it occurred to me that a résumé is as impersonal as the paper it is written on. It is a lot of dates and events. These events, however, are the results of dreams, desires, and passions which in reality is a more accurate portrait of whom this person is. In recent years, the who and why has become far more important than the what.

I can honestly say . . . at this point in my life the egocentric drive for artistic recognition has withered. As I have matured, I have come to understand that perhaps recognition of self by self is the substances of actuality and authenticity.

Conversely, in the summer of 2012 I rediscovered the pure joy of the creative emergence. . . . At this new juncture of my life, I am back to painting full time and pleased to share the results of this new beginning.

On this journey called life as we become older and more accepting of our selves.  The need to prove or validate our existence through other people is no longer consequential.  All that matters is the truth of whom we are and loving that person along with our fellow human beings unconditionally.  I personally feel the single beneficial motivation of life centers upon the compassion of the connections we share with our fellow humans.

Robert Singleton’s life journey is reflected in his art and events that caused a transformation of both the art and the artist . . . From Abstract Expressionism to a transcendent expression of Light.

             " My life has been the poem I would have written,
                                 but I could not both live and utter it."
                                                                                     H. D. Thoreau